“The flexibility of the tutoring schedule was beneficial to our daughter. She was able to improve her school performance without impacting other commitments.
Marilyn was able to select and provide the best tutors to suit her varying academic requirements . We would strongly recommend Abby Tutors to other parents wishing to further enhance their children`s educational development.”
— Parent of a Grade 12 student at Yale Secondary
Moving to Canada and starting in a new and English speaking school proved to be a bit difficult for my daughter. Coming from a private school in Spanish and German, she needed help with Math and English classes.
When I found Abby Tutors and spoke to Marilyn, she made me feel like we had found the right place for my daughter. Abby Tutors has helped my daughter in so many ways, we don’t know how we would have been able to finish this year without them! I highly recommend Abby Tutors! Our experience has been very good and we will go back to them if we need to.
Thank you, Abby Tutors!
— Parent of a student at Mouat
“We contacted Abby Tutors on an emergency basis, after seeing our daughter’s Grade 10 Math mark on her Interim report card.
They quickly found an appropriate tutor, who connected well with our daughter.
The sessions were productive and stress free. We found the scheduling to be flexible, allowing for switches to the pre-determined schedule that benefited everyone.
She is now starting Math 11 with a confidence that she would not have otherwise had.
Highly recommended!”
— Teresa, parent of a Mouat student
“Hi Marilyn!
I just wanted to say a huge thank-you to you and your team for tutoring me for the past month, and helping me improve in Math!
Without your help, I truly believe it wouldn’t have been possible for me to pass, and for me to understand all the units in Math 11.
Kathy was amazing. She really put in the time and effort to make sure I was mastering each concept. Your tutors are very helpful!
Thank you for all that you do and helping students succeed their goals in Math!.”
— Grade 11 student at Yale Secondary
Abby Tutors helped me a lot in
Pre Calc 12. Marilyn was great in organizing my sessions, and set me up with a wonderful tutor to help me.
I not only passed my tests with amazing scores, but I really understood every part of the Math, too. Abby Tutors is wonderful and very helpful, and my expectations were exceeded.
Thank you for all your help!
— - Grade 12 student, Abbotsford.
Mitchell has not only enjoyed working with Sebastian in Math 12 Pre-Calculus, but has gained a lot of confidence. Sebastian is a very good teacher. A lot of people know their “stuff” but do not have the skill to teach it to someone else. Sebastian was so good at figuring out where the breakdown in the learning process occurred, so he could help Mitchell get ahead. Please pass along our gratitude to him as well.
— Frieda, parent of an MEI high school student
My son was taking pre-calculus 12 and was falling behind due to some sports commitments that made him miss class. We were able to fit some private sessions in before his year-end final. He earned a 78% on the exam, finishing the year at 71%. We cannot thank Abby Tutors enough for their time and flexibility to make the sessions work.
— Parent of a Grade 12 student at Yale Secondary
After every session, when I picked my son up, he was happy and proud of himself for what he learned that day. It was good for him to realize Math wasn’t too hard for him, but that he just needed someone to take the time to explain it to him in a way he could understand. Thank you!
— Parent of a Grade 6 student at Cornerstone Christian Academy
I lucked out when I became a student at Abby Tutors. For three years Abby Tutors provided outstanding tutors that were grounded and supportive, knowledgeable, encouraging, and quick thinking.

Abby Tutors’ love of education and passion for quality service was reflected in their openness and readiness to change, add, or cancel appointments, and constant dialogue with student and tutor regarding goals, outcomes, and progress.

Additionally, service quality remained 5 star, whether I was tutored in their home office, tutor hosted, or by Skype. At 50 years young, I achieved a “B” in Pre-Calculus 11. Wow! Thank you, Abby Tutors, for your exceptional service.
— Tammy
We thank you and your diligence in making sure our son had the appropriate teaching with this significant challenge in university-level Physics. He is on his way to SAIT Polytechnic Institute, and the role you and your company played in this effort is immeasurable.
— Parent of a Chilliwack student
Abby Tutors exceeded my expectations ~ my daughter really benefited from the one on one tutoring we received from Christine at Abby Tutors in Math and Science.
We noticed her become much more confident in both these subjects.
We will be continuing with Abby Tutors as she goes through her high school years.
— ~ Parent of an Abbotsford student
Marilyn, I have to tell you how much I appreciate the way you manage and run your tutoring company! I am so impressed, having dealt with other companies in the past ending up disappointed because little to no follow-through on what they had promised to do; me asking questions and suggesting next steps, rather than them being proactive. Here, Abby Tutors sends daily reports with an overview and suggestions - how amazing! Thank you! This is a breath of fresh air!
— Monique, parent of an MEI high school student
My son used Abby Tutors to help him with English 11. It is a subject he has always struggled with. His confidence in English improved, as well as his grade. His tutor helped him to stay organized and on task. We always received a very detailed report from his tutor after each session.
As a parent, this was very much appreciated and helpful.
— Parent of a Grade 11 student at Rick Hansen Secondary
We would like to thank Marilyn at Abby Tutors for her help and openness in making things ‘work’ around our son’s busy schedule. Heavy into athletics and academics, plus a part time job, fitting it all in was incredibly challenging at times, but she was able to get it all to go. Both tutors that worked with our son had great impact on his performance in Chem 11 and Physics 11. It’s an investment that has paid dividends already. At the end of the term he has finished up with A’s in both courses.
I have to say that he, and we, are very pleased with the results.
There are no doubts that if the need arises in the future, we will reach out to Marilyn without hesitation, and we can recommend Abby Tutors wholeheartedly.
— Parent of a Grade 11 student at MEI